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Choosing a Paint Color

You walk into your local Lowes location and as you start to come near the paint department, the anxiety creeps up on you the closer you get. As you get continue to get closer you cant help but notice the ocean of colors starting to suround you. Then it hits you, how in the world are you going to pick a color from all of this??

You had a solid plan when you got in the truck to come over...but now the Tantalizing Teal is SO calling your name!! Oh but wait!! The Coral Passion would look amazing in the bathroom!! All of a sudden your lost in a sea of colors, textures, and brands...and back to square one. Where do you go from here?

I usually will have a basic Idea of the color I would like to go with. But a good idea to keep you focused is to bring an item from home that reminds you of the feel you would like to end up with in the room or area you are working in. Maybe that vase that reminds you of the ocean, or your favorite pillow, or your child favorite stuffed toy!

I am a BIG fan of Lowes as you will come to know, and one of the things I like about them is that if you have an item that has the exact color you are looking for on it, they can match it! It's like magic!

I also like the little cards within each section that give you color combination ideas. They are helpful, but beware!! Even though they may narrow things down for you a bit they can still get you lost in decision making once again, so try to stick within the same color ideas that you came in with:)

Here is a video that can help you get started!

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